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  • Washing Machines

    Washing Machines RENT OR BUY Laundry is, unfortunately, one of those inevitable facts of life. 

  • Tumble Dryers

    Tumble Dryers VENTED , CONDENSER or Energy saving HEAT PUMP technology. Once your laundry is clean, it’s ready to be hung on the washing line and dried. But what happens when the weather has a nasty turn? Waiting for the rain to stop may take days and you can’t leave damp laundry lying about the house. Purchasing a tumble dryer allows you to dry your laundry quickly and efficiently throughout the year, no matter what the weather.

  • Dishwashers

    Dishwashers SLIMLINE & FULL SIZE Our dishwashers have a number of different features, including a variety of programmes enabling you to set the wash to your requirements. Some have time delays so the cycle finishes at a time that is convenient for you. Others have a half load option for those days where you don’t use as many dishes. Your plates still receive a thorough clean, but the wash uses 30% less water and is quicker than a regular cycle. This will certainly help you to save a bob or two on energy bills. Certain models have a built-in anti leak system, giving you total peace of mind. If the appliance were to leak, the model automatically shuts off the water supply, keeping your carpet and furniture free from permanent damage. Most models include programmes specifically designed to clean even the toughest of stains. These intensive washes are ideal for items that would normally cause a fight with a regular scrubbing brush. Try using this programme on dishes that are covered in grease or burnt-on food.

  • Refrigeration

    Fridges , Larder Fridges, Fridge Freezers , Upright Freezers, Chest Freezers & American style We are a nation of food lovers. Whether you enjoy the very British cottage pie, an Italian spaghetti carbonara, or the French classic duck a l’orange, we are at our happiest when we’ve been fed. With such a passion for food, it’s important to have an appliance that will easily store a variety of different food items. When it comes to chilling and freezing food, we have a number of appliances that are perfect for your every day needs.

  • Cooking

    Cookers and Ovens ,Freestanding, Built-in, Gas & Electric Whether you’re a complete beginner or you compare yourself to the likes of Delia Smith and Jamie Oliver, everyone can enjoy spending time in the kitchen and preparing a real home cooked meal. With the popularity of fast food and takeaways, home cooking unfortunately became a thing of the past. People simply didn’t have time to fit cooking into their busy schedules and felt it was easier to just buy dinner from the local chippy. However, we soon realised that this lifestyle was no good for our health and home cooking worked its way back into modern life. Thanks to TV shows such as The Great British Bake Off and MasterChef, we are now inspired to dust off those old aprons, make a real meal from scratch and enjoy each other’s company around the dinner table. Reliable cookers, hobs and ovens To make truly delicious homemade food, it’s important to have good quality equipment that is durable and won’t let you down. Below, we have listed a number of hobs, cookers and ovens that combine great technology with easy to use features, enabling you to make that magnificent feast without any hassle. These products come from a number of well known brands, including Blomberg, Beko, Zanussi and more. You will find both gas and electric cookers, meaning you have a wider choice to suit your requirements. Most of the ovens are built in and spacious enough for you to fit that particularly large goose in at Christmas. Many of our hobs come complete with automatic ignition and knobs with easy grip material making them extremely safe to use. Choose an oven, cooker or hob to suit your kitchen and re-discover the pleasure of making a real home cooked meal. Simply click on a picture below to find out more about that product.


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  • Floorcare

    Vacuum Cleaners & BAGS etc.

  • Appliance Rentals

    Long and short term Rental/Hire of most domestic appliances, also commercial applications considered.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 193 items